Plasy P70G

Plasy P70G

Fiat Ducato
Coach-builts class







Proposed by us the year-round RV, is built on the chassis of the Fiat Ducato from year 2014. The camper van is equipped with a VERY creative and dynamic engine, with power of 150 km which combined with a six-speed manual GEARBOX gives the highest driving comfort. The camper van is equipped with systems such as ABS, ESP, fog lights, driver airbag and passenger airbag as well  – everything to make the camper van safer. The camper van is equipped with on-board computer, air conditioning, electric athermanous glass, electrically operated and heated mirrors, increased by an additional set of peripheral mirrors in combination with rear view camera which make easy to reverse and park the camper van. The vehicle is equipped also with a central locking with remote control. Comfortable driver’s and passenger’s seats have the adjustment of the heigh and additionally equipped with armrests. Seats and all upholstery was made of cream leather. Cab is equipped with multimedia station which contains navigation, radio, CD / DVD / MP3, DVD, USB, SD card support.

- length - 699cm

- width - 232cm

- height - 309cm

- chassis with extended rear axle providing greater stability

- a maximal total weight of 3500kg (the driving license B)

Facilities of the residential part

- double bed in the alcove (above the driver’s cab) safety net - (220x156cm)

- double bed in the dining room (folded table) - (180x120cm)

- rear fixed double bed - (135x212cm)

- bunk-bed bed (upper bed with safety net) - (220x87cm)

- comfortable and spacious living/dining room with a table with adjustable of the heigh and position

- folded bed in the alcove, what significantly facilitates the movement inside the vehicle

- garage (folded bed, the capacity to transport the scooter, bike, etc.)

- garage door right/left (128x63cm)

- energy-saving main lighting, and LED lighting (in addition each bed, and the alcove and garage equipped with spotlights)

- heating water and air Truma Combi 4 with distributing warm air throughout the vehicle (the alcove and garage)

- separate battery in the residential part

- panel control reservoirs and accumulators

- surge arrestor socket 220V with switch

- the front door with mosquito net

- darkly tinted windows in the residential part of the blinds and mosquito nets

- stationary air conditioner

- clean water tank 100L

- heated grey water tank 100L

- external storage for 2 gas bottles (2x11kg) equipped with a safe gas valve

- TV, Multimedia Station with additional sound system in the living part

- wardrobe, shelves, drawers, lockers

Equipment of the kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with the gas stove and three burner hob, automatic magneto and the safeguard against escaping of the gas if the flame goes out. The oven is also equipped with a convenient lid, which is made ​​of tempered glass and increases the surface where you can prepare delicious meals. Close at hand is a large fridge with separate frezer. Refrigerator with a capacity of 160L has a fully automated system to select the power source. The kitchen is also equipped with a sink and stainless steel battery connected to a central hot/cold water.The placement of 200V socket, shelves or cabinets have been possible because of the ergonomic layout of the space.

Equipment of the bathroom

The bathroom in the camper van is a combination of both luxury and ergonomic use of space, what has allowed to locate the shelf, cabinets, 200V socket and large mirror over there. There is a shower cubicle with hinged doors, a sink, chemical toilet Domestic and the tank with a capacity of 19L. The toilet with the access, from outside of the car and skylight which provides ventilation and fresh air supply as well.

Additional equipment

The camper has been equipped with a powerful stationary air conditioner, sunshade Postor (3,5 meters), 4 bike trunk, solar batteries with battery charge control system and additional battery. It has been done to make the camper van more comfortable. The car also has a current converters 12/ 220V which allows you to connect laptop, charger, etc. The equipment also includes a set of connections, i.e. set with the adapter cable to connect an external 220V power source, the hose to fill the tank with the clean water. The vehicle also has a set of thermal mats on the windscreen.

Safety and comfort of a RV’s trip is guaranted by a set of essential things, i.e. high-visibility vests, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, a set of light bulbs, wheel repair kit. The camper van has OC, AC and accident insurance and assistance in Europe in prestige packets.