Camper vans rented by our company are fully equipped and adapted to long-distance travel. They include everything needed to make your trip pleasurable.

In each of the rented camper there are numerous places to sleep accommodating up to seven people- depending on the model . The kitchen is equipped with a stove (three gas jet), refrigerator and sink. All campers have their own full bathroom that includes a sink, shower and toilet.

We try to equip rented camper vans with a multimedia station, navigation and satellite digital television. The exclusive model of camper vans are also equipped with air conditioning in the residential part. As a road safety measure we do all best to make driving from place to place comfortable and fatigue-free.

Rented camper vans are equipped with airbags for driver and front passenger. They have electrically heated and controlled wing mirrors, electric windows in the driver’s cab, multimedia station with radio, MP3, navigation, ABS, cruise control, air conditioning and many other facilities.

Rented camper vans do not exceed the capacity of 3.5 tons so only a driving license (category B) is required to drive.